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YAOXIAN Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional China Channel Pho Machine Manufacturers and China Channel Pho Machine suppliers. This production line consists of several equipment: Flour Mixer, Automatic Flour Feeding Machine, Vermicelli Making Machine, Wire Mesh Conveyor, Pho Machine, Automatic Cutting and Rod Hanging Machine. The multifunctional corn noodle machine, also known as the cereals noodle machine, can not only produce pure corn noodles, but also produce naked oats, sorghum, millet, bean noodles and other grain miscellaneous noodles, as well as noodles, pasta and wheat cold noodles. At the same time, it can also produce rice noodles with rice.

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As a professional China Pho Machine Manufacturers and suppliers called YAOXIAN. High quality Pho Machine are very popular in all countries. Our products are not only have passed CE certification audit, but also can provide customized and easy-maintainable service. Our advanced products have a big market, you can buy in wholesale. Welcome to buy durable and fancy products from our factory. We also have our own brand and you get what you want.